VE3RTR – Baltimore

The VE3RTR repeater is located half way between Baltimore and Harwood Ontario just north of the town of Cobourg . CFMX, a FM radio station, owns the property while Global Television owns the tower on which the repeater antennas are located. The footprint of RTR covers quite an area from the Oshawa to the west, to Peterborough area to the north, Belleville area to the east and the upper parts of New York state.

145.150 – Voice PL 162.2
AllStar: 28705
(Asterisk / Allstar)

444.975 + Voice PL 162.2
AllStar: 28706
(Asterisk / Allstar)

146.895 – Voice PL 162.2
AllStar: 28704
(IRLP / Fusion)

IRLP: 2254 – Click here for status.


AllStar Notes:

Asterisk/Allstar Operating Instructions

Asterisk is the core tool used by the AllStar linking system. It supports one to many connections. Users can access via another repeater, telephone access and PC based clients.


  1. Tune to VE3RTR – 145.150 (-) with a tone of 162.2.
  2. Touch-tone in the *3 + 4/5 digit code for the desired node. Wait for the sign-on. Leave a 1 second pause between transmissions.
  3. Key in “*10” or*1+nodenumber to drop the link. Remember, *10, will drop the last connected node if you have several nodes connected.
  4. You can connect to multiple nodes at the same time..
  5. A list of available nodes is available at


  1. Tune to VE3RTR – 145.150 (-) with a tone of 162.2.
  2. Touch-tone in the *87 – the connection you seek may already be there or check the web site for the Asterisk status.
  3. Remote station will initiate the call/link.
  4. You will hear “node connected” with the node number of the distant station.
  5. Talk as you would with any QSO on VHF/UHF.

EXAMPLE – to link VE3RTR 145.150 to VE3ORR 147.210, you send the DTMF sequence *329372. If successful you will hear a double beep and a connection success message. A failed attempt will result in a double beep and a connection failed message. To disconnect you send the DTMF sequence *129372 or *10 if this is the last connected node.

Asterisk/Allstar Command Summary

  • *1xxxxx Disconnect from node xxxxx
  • *2xxxxx Connect/receive only to node xxxxx
  • *3xxxxx Connect/transceive to node xxxxx
  • *10 Disconnect last connected node
  • *80 Force System ID
  • *81 Say System Time
  • *82 Say app_rpt software version
  • *85 Last active node (system-wide)
  • *87 System-wide connection status

Links: Full-time to the VE3ULR System.

  • Procomm Net – 145.150- and/or 444.975+ Thu / Sun – 8 pm
  • Professional Loafers Daily Net – 145.150- and 146.625- Daily – 8:30 am
  • Peterborough Amateur Radio Club Net – 145.150- and 146.625- Sunday – 8:00 pm.

Sponsor: Kawartha Lakes Repeater Group – Randy Neals VE3RWN

Click here for the VE3RTR site and more information.
VE3RTR Facebook page.