VE3SPA – Pickering

The VE3SPA – VE3DAX repeaters is sponsored by the South Pickering Amateur Radio Club is located in Pickering Ontario, Canada.  The club was founded in 1977, serving the amateur communities of Pickering, Scarborough, Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa.

The repeaters are located at the Ajax Municipal Housing Corporation’s Post Hill apartment building. VE3SPA and VE3DAX cover the Durham region to Scarborough, south of the Oak Ridges moraine.

147.375 + Voice PL 103.5

444.600 +5 Voice PL 103.5

IRLP: node 1404

  • South Pickering Amateur Radio Club – 147.375 + Sunday at 8:00 pm.
Club Meeting:

Second Thursday of each month at the Pickering Recreation Complex, 1867 Valley Farm Road.

Sponsor: South Pickering Amateur Radio Club

Click here for the VE3SPA site and more information.