Municipal hazardous and special waste facility to be located in Bowmanville

Clarington Mayor Adrian Foster says they aren’t thrilled, but are satisfied with the location of a new hazardous and special waste facility that’s going to be built in Bowmanville. The facility is a requirement for the Durham York Energy Centre and Foster says at first, they weren’t happy with the proposed location near the Rickard Complex.

“Does this make a lot of sense?” said Foster, but he was swayed once he heard how the facility would be used. “The region is anticipating putting staff, a call centre, in there so it will be a multi-use building, fulling fenced. Again it’s indoor, not outdoor storage [for the hazardous and special waste].”

Foster says most of their initial concerns have been addressed and now the municipality is more comfortable with the location, which is the old Durham police station on Regional Road 57 near King Street. People will be able to drop off items like batteries, paint, fuel and pesticides.

“We did have some dialogue that we should probably change the name from hazardous waste,” said Foster. “There’s a real environmental and safety side to this. It’s hazardous for you having it at the house [but] environmentally friendly and far safer for you to have this disposed of properly and it’s a service to the community.”

Foster says the only thing they’re concerned about now is how it will impact traffic in the area.

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