I have enabled registrations and logins for some site functions, but I have limited it strictly to WordPress.com account registrations.  Due to the way some bots keep trying to access and post phantom posts and comments, I decided to disable local registrations and only allow WordPress accounts only. For the comments, I have enabled access for some of the common social media accounts.

This is a hobby for me and I am don’t want it to turn into a full time job, trying to flush out and manage a bunch of phantom accounts and messages.  If you would like to become a member and help contribute posts, articles and participate with comments, please register for a WordPress account and confirm your identity via their security features. 

As Capcha is no longer 100% reliable, as bots have found ways to get around the picture and human functionality, I am relying now on WordPress’ two-step authentication.  This is pretty much used on most WordPress web sites now by default.

To login, just look for the Login link at the bottom of the page.