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Thursday , 11 April 2024
Home Police Teen Hacked Apple Twice Hoping to get Job.

Teen Hacked Apple Twice Hoping to get Job.

Teen hacked Apple twice hoping to get job but got caught by FBI and police.

A 17-year-old Australian boy accused of hacking Apple twice in an effort to get a job has pleaded guilty to multiple computer hacking charges.

The teenager hacked into Apple’s mainframe in December 2015 and then once more in early 2017 to download internal documents and data. The FBI eventually discovered the incident and reported it to the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

According to the Australian court, the teen said he committed the hack because he heard of a person in Europe that also hacked Apple but ended up getting a job out of it.

Given that the teen was only 13 when he first hacked Apple, the magistrate accepted the defense’s argument that he had “no idea about the seriousness of the offense.” The magistrate noted the teen has since been using his computer skills for good at school, as per his classmates and teachers.

Further, Apple confirmed that no customer information was accessed by the teenager and it didn’t incur any losses during the hacking.

For those reasons, the magistrate did not convict the boy, instead opting to he’s on a $500 AUD (roughly $465 CAD) good behavior bond for nine months.

Source: ABC News and Bradly Shankar

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