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Friday , 2 December 2022
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VE3RTR/MXR/BUY Repeater Update

Cobourg Repeater Update….

For many years the VE3ULR Link System owned and operated the VE3RTR 145.150 repeater at Rice Lake/Cobourg. The repeater was first put on the air about 1985-1989 (we’re not sure)

VE3ULR link system shut down several years ago.

Since 2006 myself (VE3RWN) and James VE3RSJ have maintained the repeaters as an individual effort because we know the amateur community used these repeaters for Hwy 401 and Hwy 7 traveling.

We are now pleased to report that the Cobourg repeaters (3 repeaters) have been donated to area clubs and they are in good hands for the future.

AllStar linking and daily nets have made these repeater more active than ever, and the time is right to put these repeaters in the hands of clubs that can maintain the repeaters and keep them available.

1. Donation to Campbellford & Quinte Amateur radio Club

The 145.150- (162.2) “VE3RTR” repeater and the 444.975+ (162.2) “VE3MXR” repeater are now the property of the Quinte Amateur Radio Club, which also includes the Campbellford Tri-County Club.

Cobourg, Campbellford, Belleville and Picton repeaters are linked via the Bay-to-Bridges AllStar Hub and carry the daily 10:30am net.

Northumberland County is well served by VE3RTR (Cobourg) and VE3KFR (Campbellford)

*We hope to get the call signs adjusted and licenses properly transferred in the coming weeks/months.

2. Donation to Peterborough Amateur Radio Club

The 146.895- (162.2) “VE3BUY” repeater is the property of the Peterborough Amateur Radio Club.

VE3BUY is linked to VE3PBO in Peterborough. PARC hosts their “Professional Loafers Net” (PLnet) daily at 8:30am

Peterborough County is also well served by the extended range of VE3BUY and the VE3PBO and VA3PBO (UHF) repeater, as well as the VE3TJR Bridgenorth and VE3APL Ansley repeaters (5 repeaters) which PARC operates.

It is important to recognize the long term site access originally provided by CFMX Radio and Marty Rosenthal VE3MR (SK). The radio station is now owned by Moses Znaimer and has been most generous in allowing the amateur repeaters to remain in service at the site which is 1120 feet elevation and has a 500 foot tower with 3 FM radio stations and Global TV channel 27 transmitters.

I’m sure the Peterborough and Quinte clubs would love to hear from friends in Oshawa and area.

Randy VE3RWN

(Sept. 25, 2022)

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